About Me



Heii my name is Suryadewa.. yeah, thats my name. not yours! i was born on the lovely day 22 september 1990 lampung. but now i live in BALI i spend most days in my room with my keyboard and mouse :D . I prefer to be alone without anyone around me, you could say im weird, or crazy, but thats me for ya! I have Black hair and black eyes I'm single for now but i fall for girl easy ;) LOL I use the word "love" a little more than i should I HATE drama and do my best to avoid it. i've made alot of mistakes.. but hey no one's perfect there's alot of things in life i wish i could take back and you very well could be one of them i trust people more than i should i love to laugh, and i love it when people make me laugh! you could say im smart, but i dont act like it at all! in the end everyone ends up the person they said they'd never be, i've changed a lot i believe for the better,, i like the way i turned out :)